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Our Commitment
Forklift Training

We deal with all aspects of training in a very professional way, whilst never compromising any of the Health & Safety requirements, which we recognise as the main basis for the training. We always offer our customers excellent prices and service.

Bee-Lifted also works very closely with other training organisations, to enable us to offer you a much more extensive product range.


Bee-Lifted, The Lift Training Specialist company has been in business since 2000 and was set up by Phill Scullard & Janey Waters. Our team are experienced and professionally trained members who aim to bring top quality training to you. 

Bee-Lifted goal is for our team to help your team succeed.

TOPS registration with ITSSAR

We carry out training on a wide range of fork lift trucks and other lifting equipment to a very high standard. We are a member of the Independent Training Standards Scheme & Register (ITSSAR), which is one of the recognised accrediting bodies in the Health & Safety Executive's Operator Training Approved Code of Practice and Guidance, the L117. This approved code of practice is a standard for training providers to follow, and maintain a safe and professional level of training to the industry.​

Bee-Lifted, Southampton, United Kingdom

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